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How I can help

Technology strategy

Client engagements typically begin by defining and clarifying your technology strategy.

This work focuses on your company's unique needs and identifies the technology and technical expertise required to support your business objectives. It could involve evaluating existing technology systems, identifying areas for improvement or recommending new technologies or tools as needed.

The outcome is a clearly defined path forward that ensures technology is aligned with your overall business goals.

Product roadmaps

Starting with your product vision and initial user feedback we will work together to identify the features and functionality needed to achieve your product goals.

Each feature will be scored based on factors ranging from level of effort, required expertise, value to the customer and value to the business. From there, these features will be sorted, prioritized and mapped on a timeline to help you better understand the scale and scope of how to bring your product to market.

AI & LLM Workshops

English is the hot new programming language.

I can work with your team to help them understand what works well and doesn't work well with LLMs, and together we can explore options for how to update and adapt your existing products and services to incorporate AI and LLM technology.

Software stack assessments and recommendations

Assesing potential or existing software platforms can help a company be better prepared for future growth.

Typical evaluations focus on factors such as scalability, reliability, security, cost, compatibility with existing systems, ease of implementation, technical support as well as any unique needs your business might have.

Based on the results of this assessment, I can also provide a set of recommendations for which specific platforms would most likely optimize your technology efforts help achieve your business goals.

Emerging trends and implications

For any company, one thing lurking in the back of their minds is how emerging tech might impact or disrupt their business.

To help alleviate this, I can provide custom reports with details about relevant emerging technology, analysis and examples of how emerging tech might impact your business alongside new opportunities for growth and innovation. This report can help you understand how to stay ahead of the competition and be better prepared for changes in the marketplace.

Additional services

Build and iterate products

Take your vision or business idea and quickly turn it into working software that measures performance so you can iterate to find product-market fit.

Establish and grow your engineering team

Build the foundation for a strong, empathetic engineering team by taking your company values and defining clear guidelines for interviewing, hiring, onboarding, coding standards, deployment tactics, competency model, career path, feedback and performance reviews.

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