Build products and iterate towards product-market fit

How I can help

Turn your vision into working software

Whether your idea is a sketch on a napkin or currently in development, my collaborative approach will help take your business strategy, target audience, market insights, and key interaction principles and translate them into a concrete tech solution and development roadmap.

Technical proof of concepts

Technical proof of concepts are quick experiments that demonstrate the pros and cons of using emerging technology in your product.

For products built around AI, real-time communication, custom algorithms, or massive audiences, these small prototypes demonstrate a realistic sense of accuracy, fidelity and cost so your team can design around these limitations to create a compelling customer experience.

No-code prototypes

No-code tools allow you to rapidly build functional prototypes, validate assumptions, and gather feedback from your customers.

These prototypes can be managed and updated by non-technical team members, giving you a cost-effective way to maintain a product and let the core team focus on business value rather than technical details.

Front-end development

For many applications, the front-end is the first way users will experience your product.

Having spent years working for design-centric companies, my approach to front-end development combines performance, speed, accessibility and usability with consistent design principles around layout, typography and motion design.

Serverless API design

For back-end business logic and functionality, serverless APIs provide a scalable, cost-effective foundation for your product.

Serverless APIs simplify your infrastructure, and can be built using Typescript or Python and hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or other preferred cloud providers.

Internal tools

As your products scale and gain customers, teams often need internal tools to manage workflow, sales metrics, analytics, marketing performance and customer feedback. By selecting the right dashboard or tools for your team, you can save time, increase productivity and drive data-centric decision making.

Product metrics

Sifting through data pipelines and analytics can overwhelm many small teams. By defining clear metrics and objectives around four types of users — first time, high value, low value and inactive — you can gain actionable insights about your users and learn what they find valuable in your product.

Recent projects and tech stacks

Stealth startup

Early stage company focused on domain-specific LLM applications

NextJSTypescriptOpenAILangchainFine-tuned LLMsVercel


B2B SaaS startup building compliance software for micro and independent food entrpreneurs



Software to summarize and analyze customer research interviews

ReactTypescriptDockerPythonSpacyBerTopicGoogle Cloud

International NGO

Data scraping and visualization tools for online journalism


Frequency Breathwork

Build a Vimeo OTT channel to transition an in-person breathwork studio to online

NextJSVimeo OTTVimeo APISanityVercel


Transition website to emphasize storytelling


Use AI and machine learning to bring Japanese cooking to an American audience

ReactJavascriptAWS LambdaAWS AuroraAWS AmplifyAWS CognitoAWS CognitoTensorFlowSpacy


Empower seamless family communication between kids and grandparents

ReactJavascriptDjangoAWS ECSAWS AuroraSwiftKotlin

Additional services

Establish and grow your engineering team

Build the foundation for a strong, empathetic engineering team by taking your company values and defining clear guidelines for interviewing, hiring, onboarding, coding standards, deployment tactics, competency model, career path, feedback and performance reviews.

Drive your technology strategy forward with fractional CTO leadership

Whether you need help with AI strategy, product roadmaps, software assessments or trend analysis, a fractional CTO can move your organization forward without the expense of hiring a full-time CTO.

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